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Day 27: HousePlace – The Pilot Presentation

If you love handyman Kirk Zipfel‘s bite-sized tutorial videos… then you’ll love HousePlace EVEN MORE as a full-length home renovation show! It was just about a year ago that Drama 3/4 first premiered this HousePlace pilot with a major screening event at the Garry Marshall Theatre. There were, like, a hundred people in the same […]

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Day 11: The Music Video Batch

You may have noticed by now that, in addition to video production, we do a lot with original music, from A.S.S. musical numbers, to J.A.P.S, to I Made You A Mix Tape. I Hate My 30’s has a completely original soundtrack album, all written and recorded in-house. We even collaborated with Rachael Lawrence on a […]

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Day 2: HousePlace

“Good morning, and welcome to HousePlace!” Everyone’s favorite DIY home show is back with its own HousePlace YouTube channel and new, previously-unreleased shorts! Host Kirk Zipfel and contractor Ted Siegert (Matt Corboy) will walk you through the finer points of home improvement in their own cheerfully subversive way. It was exactly a year ago yesterday […]

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