Day 7: The Bulbar Method

Billy Bulbar is a man who needs no explanation. Allow us to explain.

One of Hollywood’s most notorious acting coaches, Billy Bulbar (David Fickas) has been slapping his illustrious technique upside The Industry’s head for over 20 years. He is the author of several books on acting including My Character Animal Can Beat Up Your Character Animal and Emote Like Nobody’s Watching. He gets up-close and uncomfortably personal with his impressionable students, delving deep into the tortured thespian psyche to discover the art of the craft, or the craft of the art, whichever sounds more pretentious. His process: break down the student, bankrupt the student, rebuild the actor, rinse and repeat. This is The Bulbar Method.

It started as a live theatre experience in which audiences could audit one of Billy’s classes (see The Bulbar Method – A History below). Later, it was turned into a web series for Takehollywood Originals. Witness Billy and his naive young pupils exploring such topics as:

  • The Actor’s Instrument
  • Improvisation techniques
  • Being viral… like, in an online sense
  • Choosing a day job
  • Releasing inhibitions

…and more. You can absorb the entire series’s knowledge in the playlist below. Namaste.

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