Day 6: I Made You A Mix Tape

Since 2013, David Fickas’s live music show, I Made You A Mix Tape, has been introducing some of the best new and established musicians to Los Angeles audiences. Several different acts do small sets of only a few songs each, giving the crowd – and the other acts – a chance to hear something fresh. Through this intimate performance night, lifelong dreams have been realized, a few careers have been launched, and some stellar collaborations have been born. An all-comedy Mix Tape even went to San Francisco for SF Sketchfest in 2015. Now we’re bringing the stage to you, with our first Mix Tape livestream!

…Well, that was interesting! We had some technical difficulties and were kicked off of YouTube, then had to scramble to get back online! Still, we hope you still enjoyed the show. If you missed it, you can see the whole thing in the video embedded below, or click through to YouTube to see what people were chatting about while we were live.

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