Day 3: Bob Tulap

“Shoes. Oh my God, Shoes.” This is the phrase that became synonymous with “Kelly” and the comedian behind the betch, Liam Sullivan. But Kelly isn’t the only character up Liam’s tacky, tweed sleeve.

Just down the street in Liam’s brain lives TV personality Bob Tulap, the cranky old codger forced to be a corporate shill for some of the worst products imaginable. Or at least, they’re the worst products he can imagine, since these VO jobs are just one of many frustrations in Bob’s sad, aggravated existence. Check out his original radio spots – including 3 from the archives that haven’t been online since… maybe ever? – as well as Bob’s signature take on the 12 Days of Christmas. Then, be on the lookout, because countless other collaborations with Liam will be highlighted throughout our 34 Days of Drama 3/4!

Featuring David Rothblum as the Announcer and Brice Beckham as “Doug”

J.A.P.S – Hold, Please

Aunt Gertie’s Gumbo Mix

Ringy Ringy Ringtones



NEW! Capricorn RVs

NEW! Chainsaws

NEW! Crack Soda

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