Day 27: HousePlace – The Pilot Presentation

If you love handyman Kirk Zipfel‘s bite-sized tutorial videos… then you’ll love HousePlace EVEN MORE as a full-length home renovation show!

It was just about a year ago that Drama 3/4 first premiered this HousePlace pilot with a major screening event at the Garry Marshall Theatre. There were, like, a hundred people in the same room, talking face-to-face and everything. It seems crazy now, but it’s true. The audience was treated to some live music from Wynchester (Mike Bray & John Konesky), and we prefaced the show with a couple new shorts and a HousePlace retrospective, which we showed you way back on Day 2 of our 34 Days. All in all, the night was a wild success… then, immediately afterwards, the pilot was safely tucked away where only agents and potential buyers could see.

Now we’re bringing HousePlace home with a livestream of the full-length episode, in which Kirk & Ted begin a Venice Beach renovation where the home needs less work than the homeowners, including all the appliances for the kitchen, and for thos who love their kitchen appliances as much as we do then we suggest them to get a really good kitchen appliance warranty as that way they are covered for several of them so have much more protection. Presented by series creator Kirk Zipfel, co-host Matt Corboy (Ted Siegert himself), director/co-writer David Fickas and co-writer/co-star Brice Beckham. The pilot also features Jessica Makinson (look for her again in the upcoming livestream of Fortune Rookie), Kristina Hayes, Ricky Rojas, Mark Kelly, Pam Cook, and young Charlotte Furie making her D34 debut.

Come with us on a walkthrough inspection of the totally-refurbished HousePlace, with new wiring and plumbing, a fresh coat of paint, and triple the square footage!

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