Day 25: The Parody Batch

Look, you know our M.O. by now. Clearly, parody is right up D34’s alley. We kicked off this whole 34 Days with Arcadia High Drama 3/4’s version of Terminator 2. We got Offline Movie Night rolling with a sendup of Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood. We gave a whole day (well deserved, we think) to Deliverance, the Musical. And that one, like so many other shorts, came out of A.S.S. (Another Showcase Showdown), a veritable breeding ground for parody gags.

Our A.S.S. sagas – wraparound films that punctuate the live show – have always been a grab-bag of pop culture references. The “Who Killed Mark Kelly?” saga nailed everything from Se7en to JFK to Hannibal. Other sagas have taken aim at Lost, 24, Alien, E.T. and The Thing. Musical opening and closing numbers have included a struggling actor’s slant on Annie, a Dirty Dancing spoof with Fickas as Baby, and the legendary Vaselina (that’s Grease en Español). But it doesn’t stop there! Allow us to present still more satirical shorts:

  • Old Looper – D34 and Funny Or Die teamed up to rib our buddy Rian Johnson on his sci-fi smash (the one before Star Wars, that is). We even went so far as to get colored contact lenses to make Fickas’s eyes look as fake as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s.
  • No Football for Old Men – Luiggi Debiasse’s killer impression of Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh earned this short a nomination for an honest-to-goodness MTV Movie Award. (Seriously. We were shocked too.)
  • Sweeney Todd Bridges, There Will Be Brown and Lars and the Really Real GirlNo Football originated from an A.S.S. sketch about the Academy Award Nominating Committee, which necessitated a whole slew of tiny shorts based on notable films of 2007 & 2008, including Cloverfield and Juno*. Unfortunately, some of them make absolutely no sense out of context of the live show, so you only get these few. How about a little gratitude, huh? (There Will Be Brown comes to us courtesy of Franco & Billy.)
  • Locks of Gold – Finally, in case you missed it, we’ll give you another chance to see Alison Haislip in our lampoon of the fairytale horror(??)/romance, Red Riding Hood. It wasn’t until later that we learned Billy Burke, star of Red Riding Hood and the Twilight films, would’ve been down to play if we’d only asked. C’est la vie, c’est la vie, that’s just the way it goes.

We hope you enjoy this meager sampling of Drama 3/4’s prolific parody portfolio!

*Our Juno spoof featured an animated title sequence, made with an assist from the same people who did the original, our pals at Smith & Lee. They presented animator Brice Beckham with a souvenir for reference – one of their actual photocopy “cels” of Ellen Page. It still lives in a place of high honor on his refrigerator door.

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