Day 2: HousePlace

“Good morning, and welcome to HousePlace!” Everyone’s favorite DIY home show is back with its own HousePlace YouTube channel and new, previously-unreleased shorts! Host Kirk Zipfel and contractor Ted Siegert (Matt Corboy) will walk you through the finer points of home improvement in their own cheerfully subversive way.

It was exactly a year ago yesterday that we premiered the HousePlace TV pilot at Garry Marshall Theatre, along with the new videos you see here. Now, for the first time, we’re bringing this constructive content to your virtual neighborhood! In “Acoustic Guitar,” Kirk and Ted get advice on home show music scoring from famed guitarist John Konesky of Wynchester and Tenacious D. Then, see Kirk and Ted appreciate the satisfaction of a job well done in “Woodworking.” Subscribe to the new HousePlace channel, follow the new HousePlace Instagram account, enjoy the new shorts, then come back later in our 34 Days to watch along with Kirk and Ted as they livestream the full-length TV pilot!

Before you check out the remodel, take a look back at HousePlaces past with this Retrospective!

Now, onto the new shorts…

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