Day 19: Deliverance, the Musical


Where to begin with this one? It started as a closing number – actually, the first closing number – in A.S.S. (Another Showcase Showdown), when the show was still in its infancy. But David Fickas always knew it would work better as a film. So in late 2002, with Brice Beckham and producer Josh Uranga newly onboard at Drama 3/4 Productions, the team set out to shoot this wildly-uncomfortable sketch.

Now, David had spent his entire childhood in Arcadia hopping the fence next to his house to trespass onto the Los Angeles Arboretum, where he’d run around as if he owned the place, singing and dancing and watching major motion pictures being filmed (such as Three Fugitives, and the Tia Carrere music video from Wayne’s World. Coincidentally, his first professional acting role would also be filmed there, in Fabio: A Time for Romance). Naturally, to shoot this movie in the woods, Fickas convinced everyone involved that it was perfectly acceptable to hop the fence, trespass onto the Arboretum, run around like they owned the place, singing and dancing and etc.

When confronted by security, we told them we were “making a movie for our grandparents’s anniversary.” If they’d watched us roll on a scene for even a few seconds, they would’ve deduced that this was an obvious lie.

The irreverent romp became an official selection of the 2004 Slamdance Film Festival, then circulated around Hollywood on DVD and VHS, eventually landing on a desk at VH1, which eventually brought the network to see A.S.S., which eventually led to The AfterWork Special, which eventually led to I Hate My 30’s.

You just never know how far a parody of one of the most unsettling and violent scenes in cinematic history will take you.

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