34 Days of Drama 3/4

Got some time on your hands? Come with us for a month+ of delightful diversions as we deep-dive into our vast body of work! Each day we’ll be spotlighting projects from D34’s past, present and future, with videos, galleries, and even a handful of live-streaming events. Stay tuned!

This is madness! At various times over the years, we’ve felt the need to take a stance on certain political issues, ranging from healthcare, to the 2018 midterms, and even calling out Kirk Cameron for his bigoted statements against the gay community. Most recently, we partnered with Count the Nation, Define American and influencer Nandi Hildebrand to raise awareness about the 2020 Census. Speaking of which… CENSUS DAY is tomorrow, April 1st, and that’s no April Fools joke! If you haven’t filled yours out yet, go ahead and do it now! We’ll wait. (Seriously, for single people it’s like four questions; it takes about 30 seconds.)

Do your part for America and survey the first of our D34 Combo Batches. This one is politically charged.

  • RAISE YOUR HAND FOR THE 2020 CENSUS – The fate of the nation’s tax dollars is in your hands! Stand up and be counted!
  • TRUMP MADNESS – From 2018… and we thought it was Trump Madness then. Ugh.
  • CCOKC – We still get hateful YouTube comments for this one. Guess we did something right?
  • BALLS BEER – Check out Liam Sullivan’s Balls! Lots of crossover cameos here, including HousePlace‘s Matt Corboy; CCOKC‘s Kenn Michael; familiar D34 faces Pam Cook, Stephanie Barnes and Devin Kelley (Frequency, 9-1-1); and Will Harris (Sky High, Friday Night Lights), who would COINCIDENTALLY join us in Scotland years later for Carnal Desire!

“Shoes. Oh my God, Shoes.” This is the phrase that became synonymous with “Kelly” and the comedian behind the betch, Liam Sullivan. But Kelly isn’t the only character up Liam’s tacky, tweed sleeve.

Just down the street in Liam’s brain lives TV personality Bob Tulap, the cranky old codger forced to be a corporate shill for some of the worst products imaginable. Or at least, they’re the worst products he can imagine, since these VO jobs are just one of many frustrations in Bob’s sad, aggravated existence. Check out his original radio spots – including 3 from the archives that haven’t been online since… maybe ever? – as well as Bob’s signature take on the 12 Days of Christmas. Then, be on the lookout, because countless other collaborations with Liam will be highlighted throughout our 34 Days of Drama 3/4!

Featuring David Rothblum as the Announcer and Brice Beckham as “Doug”

J.A.P.S – Hold, Please

Aunt Gertie’s Gumbo Mix

Ringy Ringy Ringtones



NEW! Capricorn RVs

NEW! Chainsaws

NEW! Crack Soda

“Good morning, and welcome to HousePlace!” Everyone’s favorite DIY home show is back with its own HousePlace YouTube channel and new, previously-unreleased shorts! Host Kirk Zipfel and contractor Ted Siegert (Matt Corboy) will walk you through the finer points of home improvement in their own cheerfully subversive way.

It was exactly a year ago yesterday that we premiered the HousePlace TV pilot at Garry Marshall Theatre, along with the new videos you see here. Now, for the first time, we’re bringing this constructive content to your virtual neighborhood! In “Acoustic Guitar,” Kirk and Ted get advice on home show music scoring from famed guitarist John Konesky of Wynchester and Tenacious D. Then, see Kirk and Ted appreciate the satisfaction of a job well done in “Woodworking.” Subscribe to the new HousePlace channel, follow the new HousePlace Instagram account, enjoy the new shorts, then come back later in our 34 Days to watch along with Kirk and Ted as they livestream the full-length TV pilot!

Before you check out the remodel, take a look back at HousePlaces past with this Retrospective!

Now, onto the new shorts…

In the year 1991, before the apocalypse laid waste to this planet, James Cameron released his highly-anticipated blockbuster sequel, T2: Judgment Day. A year later, David Fickas and his friends in the Drama 3/4 class at Arcadia High School felt the movie could use some improvement, so they made their own version. Now it’s good.

This parody, arguably Drama 3/4 Productions’ first feature film with a runtime of 53 minutes, first screened in front of an auditorium of students mere minutes after it was completed, for Arcadia High’s “The Night Show.” It stars Brian Arbour, Eduardo Cisneros, Luiggi Debiasse, David Fickas, Brian Jones, Scott Pitts, Jim Yanko any many others.

We streamed the movie on YouTube Live with an introduction from creators/stars David Fickas, Brian Jones and Scott Pitts! Watch it below, or follow along with the original chat stream on YouTube!